Project Description
Project that contains most of the opensource stuff developers from Tam Tam will share. SharePoint 2007 Webparts and Solutions and other components for the ASP.Net 2.0 platform.

SharePoint Solutions Management stef
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SharePoint Webparts stef
Some fun webparts to be used with SharePoint 2007
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SharePoint Audience Creator mart
This command line tool creates or updates audiences in a MOSS 2007 environment
TamTam.SharePoint.AudienceCreator 1.0

WikiSharePoint (for WSS 2.0 and SPS 2003) mart
The application is based on a thesaurus list, which is created automatically by one of the WikiSharePoint web parts. In this (Sharepoint) list, keywords and synonyms can be inserted with a parent-child relation. This way, a thesaurus list can be filled which is searchable as well. Results are editable by users with the edit rights. This way, the thesaurus list will be filled and updated constantly.
TamTam WikiSharePoint 1.0 for WSS 2.0 and SPS 2003

SharePoint Logging stef
Screenshot 1
SharePoint Diagnostics 1.0

SharePoint Workflow Activities lucy
WWF Short Delay Activity

SharePoint CruiseControl Webparts stef
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TamTam.SharePoint.CruiseControl 1.0

SharePoint Virtual Earth Integration peter
A solution containing a few components to show a Virtual Earth map displaying locations from a SharePoint List
Uses a geocoding webservice for automatically retrieving coordinates based on the address
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Screenshot 3
TamTam.SharePoint.VirtualEarth 1.0

Other developers of Tam Tam will post their code and samples here.

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